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Cocktail Supreme offers a fully tailored service to venues looking to offer the perfect cocktail machine. We specialise in providing automated cocktail dispensing machines that can dispense cocktails in less than 5 seconds, enabling your staff to focus on cocktail presentation and customer interaction.
We also supply a full range of cocktail syrups and purees in bottles and bag in box.

Cocktail Machine Benefits & Features

Consistency Every Time; Dispense precise units of spirits, juices, purees, prosecco, and wines on every serve.

Large Offering Capacity; Connect up to 30 different products. Every ingredient is dispensed individually through separate lines.

Reduce Down Time/Increase Efficiency: Create the perfect Cocktail and Mocktail in less than 5 seconds. Dispense pitchers/ fishbowls in just 10-15 seconds.

Eliminate Wastage: Exact portions are served every time. Customers can literally increase their bar profits overnight.

Speed of Service: Significantly reduces customer waiting time

Minimise Staff Training: Full instructions are provided for each recipe.

Unique Events Mode: Perfect for events and festivals using the multiple portion mode for fast serve.

Reporting Function: Valuable sales reports by product, date, time, minute, and hour.

  • Automated Cocktail Machine

    Bottle Module

    Our bottle modules are the perfect solution for brand owners and accounts looking to showcase branded spirits as part of their cocktail offering.

    This module allows customers and staff complete visibility of what is being served and is perfect for brand recognition.

  • Cocktail Machines

    Integrated Machines

    Our integrated Cocktail Machine can be fitted into any counter and fed through a python from a storeroom up to 10 meters away.

    This modular system allows you to connect up to 30 products, including Spirits, Juices, Purees, Water, Soda, Wines and Prosecco.

  • Best Cocktail Maker Machine

    Stainless Steel Units

    Our stainless steel units can be fabricated to the customer's specification with additional options such as sinks, spray rinsers and insulated ice wells.

    They can also be fully mobile with pumped water to support the events trade.

  • Simple to Operate

    • Connect from 16-30 different juices, purees and sprits to the machine.
    • Scroll through the tablet to select your chosen cocktail, Press dispense, then simply shake, serve and garnish.
    • Each Cocktail listed on the tablet can be edited to suit your business e.g. recipes, photos and garnish requirements.
    • Connect remotely to your tablet to view your sales and stock levels.
  • Cost Saving

    • Upload your own recipes to you control your margins!
    • No wastage or overpouring. Each Cocktail is consistent in terms of taste and price.
    • No need to pay for high labour costs, any team member can serve your cocktail menu.
    • BIB doesn't require refridgeration, therefore saving on your energy costs!
    • All Bag in Boxes have a shelf life of 6-8 weeks once opened!

Did you Know....?

  • Customers are happy to pay 38% more for a cocktail than a G&T, with 2-3 drinks per visit.
  • Cocktail drinkers are happy to pay over £8 for a cocktail making it the most profitable drink category on your menu.
  • 62% of consumers believe it's important for pubs to sell cocktails.
  • Using BIB, reduces your carbon footprint by 84% when compared to glass bottles.

Why Choose Cocktail Supreme?

The Most advanced system on the market

  • The most powerful system available in the UK that will dispense in 3 seconds.
  • The only expandable system. you can connect up to 30 products.
  • The only system that connects to your water feed. This means massive savings on the price per cocktail, as you can dilute our concentrated juices and purees.
  • The only system that dispenses sodas, allowing you to offer a great mocktail and spritz range.
  • If you have limited spaces behind the bar, the Cocktail Supreme machine can be pythoned into your cellar.
  • Due to the speed and easy use, most of our accounts increase their sales by 40% Unlike draft systems, you can por other drinks and engage with the customer.
Cocktail Machine for Sale

Simple, Easy & Effective

Each system is fast, easy to install and requires little or no training. It cleans in just 5 minutes and gets consistent results every time.

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All our machines come fully installed with our Cocktail Supreme range of Juices and Purees available in BIB or pouches.

If you would like to learn more about our machines or products, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to assist.

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