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Reliable, German manufactured machines with remote assistance.

Automated Cocktail Machine

Cocktail Dispensing Machine

Our automated cocktails dispensing machine is capable of preparing precise drink combinations in just 5 seconds. This means cocktails are consistently reproduced over and over at the touch of a button ensuring they always meet your venue standards. Each ingredient is dispensed to the precise millilitre through its own unique line and pump ensuring flavour isn’t hindered by traces of other ingredients. The machine can hold up to 30 different ingredients with a combined capacity of 160 litres. This enables it to dispense up to 640 cocktails when fully stocked. The cutting edge technology allows the operator to create specialised house recipes to add to the already 200 pre-set menu.

Best Tailored Cocktails Menu

Tailored Cocktails Menu

We will happily advise you in creating a tailored cocktails menu that fits the needs of your venue. The software already includes over 200 pre-set cocktail recipes, all of which can be easily modified. Additionally the database can also include your own cocktail creations, allowing you to serve special or house cocktails you may already have. Furthermore the software also includes photographs, information and guidelines of each cocktail so that even the less experienced personnel becomes an expert bartender. The dispensing machine is able to proportionally increase or decrease measures into 5 categories (XS, S, M, L, XL), allowing continued use of different sized glassware. We offer full remote internet assistance for extra peace of mind.

Best Cocktail Machine BIB System

Expandable Line System

16-line expandable system.  Maximum 30 products ( we recommend around 20 lines).You can connect all the Juices and Purees using a BIB system( this means no refrigeration needed, so no wastage or need to throw out after a few days)

Best Custom Cocktail Station

Custom Cocktail Station

Let us know what type of system you would be interested in,  for example would you be interested in a stainless-steel module unit with rinser/ice well that could be wheeled into position, or would you like something integrated into your existing worktop with shelving below?

 As a company we would be thrilled to work out a solution for you, and we would ensure that the cost of the machine and cost of the cocktails makes commercial sense for the company. See Price examples HERE

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